Read what parents have to say about the Imagination Library! 

It's great that they are sending age appropriate board books. She is only 8.5 months old, but she really likes to look at the colors and pictures, and it's fun to get a new book in the mail once a month to read with her!!

This is a wonderful program! As a middle income family, we never would have been able to buy a book a month, and these continue to be some of all time favorites!

I love that this program sends books I may not have selected or didn't know about. It is AWESOME!!!

My daughter is so excited when she receives her books each month. It makes her fall in love with reading again and again.

This is helping her to have her own books to look at, chew on and enjoy (we cannot trust her yet with library books as she rips pages sometimes because these books are her own she can enjoy them as she likes and we can teach her about how to care for books). She is learning words and is very interested in hearing stories. 

Addison County Readers' mission is to support literacy in Addison County through activities such as distributing books, providing educational opportunities and raising literacy awareness.


Please contact us if you have questions or would like to help out!

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