Martha Alexander

Pat & Dave Anderson

Diana & Charles Bain

George & Paula Bellerose

Anna & John Betz

Gregory Dennis

David & Magna Dodge

Maurene Donadio

Scott & Mary Gaines

Janet & Fred Greenman

Susan & Charles Grigg

Joanne Harter

Amy Hastings

   & Oliver Yarbrough

Bruce Hiland

Brigitte Humbert

Gale Hurd

Barbara & Michael Kieran

Holly Killary

Warren & Barry King

Angela Kunkel

John & Ursula Langfeldt


Perry Lessing 

Mary Longey

James & Nancy Malcolm

Amy Mason

Alice Maurer

Patricia & Peter McCormick

Louis H Miron

Michael A. Paretti

Kenneth & Carolyn Perine

Sarah Pelkey

Susan Polk

Emily Proctor

Michael Rainville

Diana Raphael

Tom & Carol Spencer

Joseph & Allison Stetzel

Will & Judy Stevens

Linda & Dan Tublitz

Janet & Frank Winkler

Alexander & Vanessa Wolff

Nora Wright

Addison County Readers' mission is to support literacy in Addison County through activities such as distributing books, providing educational opportunities and raising literacy awareness.


Please contact us if you have questions or would like to help out!

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